• Count Down to #FACFoodTruck

    This is getting real!!!   The graphics are gone!  The truck still looks more like Big Bird with his big yellow body but we’re getting ready to see some real progress.  I’m not going to lie, there have been ups and downs.

    We have selected 4 locations in 4 local neighborhoods on Buffaloe Road.  3 are finalized and 1 needs some work.

    It’s been powerful to see God provide the gifts, sacrificially given, to secure this vehicle.  Each week we are seeing God’s provision, his grace to open doors and his strength to keep us going.  Philippians 4:19 reminds us that God will supply our needs & Phil. 1:9 says that He who began a good work in us will complete it.  There’s much to celebrate!!!

    Just yesterday we received word that our painters will be starting on the truck on Monday, June 5th.  Thank you shout out to Capital Chevy on Capital Blvd.  They will be painting the truck white and making it look good for 10% over cost.  We are SO thankful!

    We also had a training meeting with our sponsor yesterday (June 1) and were encouraged to keep pressing forward.

    We ALSO got word of a 5th neighborhood that wants us to come and serve their kids.  One of our church members has a contact there.  We don’t have quite enough help to add a 5th site.  It would be fun though.  There are about 45 kids there.  Will see what God wants us to do.

    Please be praying for this important initiative.  We are blessing kids and their families with food and support this summer.  God came in person and we are to do no less.  God is working ahead of us.  He is reaching into these neighborhoods, preparing opportunities for us to share Jesus’ story.

  • Food Truck Dream

    Once there was dream, that our church fellowship would impact the people who lived up and down the roads around our building.  We tried this or that, inviting to this and giving that.  We so much wanted to care for and support people around the church.

    The best community impact has probably come through a basketball hoop in the parking lot.  It gets more use than the playground. It’s a neat place to play and it’s local.

    But God had other plans in the works.  He planted a seed that would grow into a food truck.  It’s a grand dream and we’re thankful for all the people who have played a role, praying, giving, inviting others to give, etc.  Success comes to people who work together at God’s work for his glory.

    Yesterday, May 18, 2017, John Garriss and I met Curtis and bought a food truck.  We’ve been working to coordinate painting, repairing, cleaning up the truck so we can be ready to use it early  in June.  It’s going to be an incredible adventure!

  • Tax Day

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  • One Moment

    I have found myself watching the clock today. Not because of appointments that I had or a desire to get home from the office. Rather, I’ve been watching the clock and reflecting back 2000 years. Focused on one moment in time. It happened at 3:00 (8:00 AM EST).

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