Food Truck Volunteers


Share God’s Love by helping serve summer meals. As a partner with Wake County, we will bless every student who comes to our truck with a meal and a smile!

Food Distributor

Pass out meals; keep track of students served; help with crowd control. Meet and greet. Play with kids.

Opening Activity Leader

Help support an opening activity to motivate students to come for a meal sooner than later.  Get everyone’s attention and have fun!

Tracking/Time Keeper

Track meals being given to students; keep us on track for our next destination; help with crowd control.

Truck Driver

Drive the truck safely, set up the cones, create a secure place; roll the awning in and out; retrieve the food.  This requires an earlier start of 7:30am and returning undelivered food at the end of the day.


Administrative Support

Work behind the scenes with scheduling, managing volunteers, tabulation, coordination of the team.

Prayer Team

Unlock the support to make this summer meal program an ever bigger success!  Participate in our prayer team.

Here’s a summary of our Summer Meal Service Program:

  • Days of service:  Monday through Saturday
  • Date Range:  June 19 (Monday) through August 19th (Saturday)
  • Daily service:  8:45am to 11am and 11am to 1:15pm (unless your driving the truck)
  • Locations:  4 locations on Buffaloe Road (Hunt’s Mobile Home Park; Avington Place/River Landing,Fox Hall Village & Cobblestone)

Schedule:  Meet for prayer at 8:30am; load up at First Alliance Church at 8:45; arrive at first location at 9am; serve meals until 9:45am; move to next location.  Serve for 45 minutes & move to next location.

Additional questions/answers are listed at the bottom of this page…


Where will you get involved?

Complete a volunteer application.  Get involved!

Apply Now!
Can I volunteer if I don't attend your church (or any church)?

Yes. We are partnering with anyone who wants to serve meals to kids this summer. You must be approved by Wake County to volunteer.

Does everyone have to have a background check?

Everyone working with students will need to be complete a volunteer application and be reviewed before volunteering.

Who receives the application forms?

Applications to directly to Pastor Dan Rothra in the First Alliance Church office for initial review.

What is the schedule for the summer?

We will begin Monday, June 19th and take meals through Saturday, August 19th.  We will begin at 8:30am with prayer at church and load up to depart at 8:45 to be set up at 9am at the first location; we will serve 4 locations each day (one at 9am, 10am, 11am and noon).

What if I just want to pray for the #FACFoodTruck?

We need your prayer.  If you want to register as a volunteer, you can select ‘prayer’ as your role and ‘praying for the team’ as your skill.