FoodTruck 2017

We’re not just feeding kids; we’re changing families through a mobile food truck!!

Jesus told a parable in Matthew 25 about feeding the hungry and serving the thirsty. He said, “…whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’  


What an exciting summer!  Our fellowship has pulled together, enjoyed great fellowship and learned more about our community.  We have seen over 40 different volunteers.  We’ve served over 1500 meals, averaging about 45 meals everyday.  We have played jump rope, catch, ring toss and blown a ton of bubbles.  We are so thankful for the team that makes the #FACFoodTruck a gift of God.

We are praying about what’s next on our horizon in our neighborhoods.  It may be a VBS or taking produce or maybe even ice cream (who doesn’t like that?).

We want to help neighborhoods build community so we hope to bring people together and see were we can support what they want for their community.

There are just 4 weeks left for you to get involved.  Reach out to us at 919-850-0698 (Church office).

First Alliance Church seeks to be a loving, grace-filled, community that follows Jesus.

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Our 2017 Summer Faith Adventure!

God Transformed this…

A well used, 1989 P30 Food Truck with lots of character and possibility.

A hopeful gathering, joining together for Kingdom purposes as a united force for good.



Into this…

Through our giving and partnerships with local churches, communities and individuals who believe faith includes action!


Kids are Hungry

50% of the kids in some neighborhoods on Buffaloe Road don’t have enough food.  During the school year many students depend on the lunch programs but during the summer they often lose access to healthy food.  We want to take them food.

Food is Available

Last year Wake County had a surplus of funds that could have fed kids in the summer ($9 million).  They didn’t have enough sites, enough people to carry the food to hungry kids.  Wake County will provide as many meals as we can deliver, to feed as many kids as we can find.

We can Serve

We believe we can feed more kids if we carry food via a “food truck” or “food trailer” INTO the neighborhoods.  We want to make food accessible to kids and to shower families with our Father’s love and grace.  Jesus went to the people. We want to go too.

The Back Story to the Food Truck:

For MANY years, First Alliance has been interested in serving the communities around the church.  We’ve recently been focusing becoming a community that a person would want to be part of if they stopped in for a visit.  Each Sunday we invest time caring for each other and focusing on what God told us in the Bible.  Usually it’s some step of faith; a way we need to trust God.  This food truck is no exception.

We’ve batted around many ideas on how to serve the neighborhoods around the church: grief care, basket ball clinics, coffee shop, business building seminars.  We want people around the church to feel like their concerns and struggles are valuable.  We want to find ways we can come along side people in the communities and support their initiatives.

In March, Crossroads Community Church assembled an event, “Community Partnership 2017” where they introduced many different topics and resources where we live here in Wake County.  One such topic was on feeding kids in the summer.

Look at the map to the right.  50% of kids in the dark brown areas (circled in yellow) around our church (blue dot) participate in the free/reduced lunch program through the year and lose access through the summer.  

One of our ladies was there and brought the idea forward and it caught fire.  Leaders started talking about serving the kids and their families.  Facebook started encouraging us to keep looking for how to move forward toward this worthy goal.  We met with a local church who had done it before and talked with them about helping us.

One thing led to another and now we feel like God is opening up a door to serve, love and care for the people who live around our church.  We thought about a bus, about a food truck and about a trailer.  We also had  a few folks volunteer vans or trucks.

Food truck idea…  We found a used, stripped out, food truck with an awning but wanted to see if God would bring our church together around this mission and trust God for the money.  We also talked about less expensive options like a trailer that could be towed behind a truck.  What we do depends on what God provides.

Today, April 23rd, we talked with the congregation.  There was an excitement in the room.  People were talking about giving to this mission, giving up vacation time, and working together with zeal.  It may be that this is more than a project for our fellowship, it’s a calling to step out in faith, to give with abandon and expectation and trust God with the outcome!!!

With only 40 days to go, we took a leap of faith and shared the idea with the congregation, asking them to pray for the idea, share the idea and give above and beyond their normal gifts.  If God provides $15,000 we’ll get the truck.  If he provides 1/2 the money we’ll roll with a trailer.  It’s a step of faith.

Well, the story is amazing!!!   In just 2 weeks, God provided over $17,500 to drive this summer meal dream forward.  In the first 3 days we were up to $3,000.  At the end of the first Sunday, over $8,000 had come in.  An anonymous donor offered to match $3,000 after we reached $9,000 going into the second Sunday.  God motivated donors from as far as Pennsylvania and friends of friends here in Raleigh.  We didn’t know if we were going to make it but at the end of service, our treasure announced we were over $16,000.  It was amazing!!! We praise the Lord for his generous provision.  We are thankful for the sacrifices that many made to help us reach this goal.

We hope you’ll join us. We’re not just trying to buy a food truck. We’re trying to build relationships where people will see the grace, mercy and love of God the Father.  We want search for opportunities to share Jesus story as we practice what we say we believe.

We want to go into the community and fix bikes, mowers, lights, and yards.  We want to support the dreams of the people who live around our church.  We want to show them Jesus cares about their needs, their families and their struggles.

You can help us by donating to this worthy mission project!



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